Definition of unsuspectingly in English:



See unsuspecting

  • ‘Your chosen lecturer will innocently and unsuspectingly assume that the constant attention they are receiving from you is due to your love for learning or perhaps that you have ADD.’
  • ‘They unsuspectingly bestowed impunity upon me.’
  • ‘There are the capricious gusts of sea wind that sweep in unsuspectingly, the cunning bunkers, the enigmatic kicks and bounces, the blatantly tormenting results.’
  • ‘That it has become reality is only one fascinating part of Super Bowl XXXIV, a game that unsuspectingly turns out to have more subplots than an Agatha Christie novel.’
  • ‘Users of search engines who searched for these terms would find dummy pages listed prominently in their search results that directed them, unsuspectingly, to’