Definition of unsuspicious in English:



  • Not having or showing suspicion.

    ‘she has a caring, unsuspicious nature’
    • ‘He is prosecuting attorney, and he suborns him, an unsuspicious and innocent fellow most of the time, into raiding Albert's garbage can for evidence.’
    • ‘He, learning that she now employs his page, is astonished at her unsuspicious nature.’
    • ‘Abdi research noted that this form of adaptation demonstrated the African concept of Ubuntu, which describes the African people as trusting and unsuspicious of strangers.’
    • ‘By aiming to recover a genealogy of such radical epistemology, Herbert's project in effect aims to undergird a hermeneutically suspicious project via unsuspicious historicism.’
    • ‘It will be seen that all SUDI are potential SIDS, but further investigation may show it is not a true SIDS, which are unexplained and unsuspicious natural deaths.’
    • ‘If, following Hancock, we say that Australians had a pragmatic, utilitarian, remarkably unsuspicious attitude to the state, this is only in part true.’
    • ‘The amazing thing about his run was the fact that he had a very unsuspicious start to the run and then, in true postman style, stopped to chat several groups of spectators on the way.’
    • ‘The ridiculous overacting left the bureaucrat completely unsuspicious.’
    • ‘But the constables, whose visit came on the night before the poll closed, remained remarkably unsuspicious.’
    • ‘Harris was unsuspicious, and in many parts of Australia young poets, painters, and persons attached to the arts were puzzling over the imaginative, sophisticated, but curiously disjointed verses of the late Ern Malley.’
    • ‘Most were highly unsuspicious and unhelpful in the least.’
    • ‘He was relieved a minute later when the soldier left after only a cursory check of the room, seeming completely unsuspicious.’
    • ‘Or lack of it: the essay will be dumbed down to unsuspicious levels if the customer so specifies.’
    • ‘They were all trying to look unsuspicious, but ended up standing out even more.’
    • ‘A single missing series also might look like a printer's error to the unsuspicious.’
    • ‘The men were now following at a distance, doing their best to look unsuspicious.’
    • ‘He wanted to make himself as unsuspicious as possible when his nephew was dead.’
    naive, simple, innocent, artless, guileless, unworldly, childlike, ingenuous, unsophisticated



/ˌənsəˈspiSHəs/ /ˌənsəˈspɪʃəs/