Definition of unsustained in English:



  • Not prolonged for an extended period or without interruption.

    ‘accidental and unsustained tourism’
    • ‘This period saw the introduction of unsustained stabilisation of structural adjustment policies.’
    • ‘Fahrenheit 9 / 11's hodgepodge of unsustained narratives leaves it, like Bowling for Columbine, a great discussion starter, but not really a great movie.’
    • ‘The city and the country cannot afford to repeat the old approach: moving on with huge projects that are often associated with flaws, yet based on a fragile and unsustained basis.’
    • ‘Access explains that higher minimum wages unsustained by productivity gains will lift unemployment.’
    • ‘A weak response involved single or unsustained vocalizations (from previously nonvocalizing birds) without approach.’
    • ‘Furthermore, it is not possible by means of loose monetary policy to set in motion a so-called unsustained economic growth as suggested by him and other writers.’
    • ‘The multicentre unsustained tachycardia trial, or MUSTT, compared an electrophysiologically guided strategy with no antiarrhythmic therapy.’
    • ‘The observed benefits included unsustained sputum smear conversion to negative, delayed growth of cultures and shrinkage of cavities.’
    • ‘Although a similar unsustained reduction in psychological morbidity in women attending a one stop clinic has been reported elsewhere, costs were not measured.’
    • ‘Equity markets continue to drift downwards or, at best, sideways, punctuated by short, unsustained recoveries.’



/ˌənsəˈstānd/ /ˌənsəˈsteɪnd/