Definition of untaxed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənˈtakst/ /ˌənˈtækst/


  • 1Not subject to taxation.

    ‘untaxed items like groceries and services’
    • ‘Social Security benefits are untaxed for relatively low-income beneficiaries but 85% taxable for higher-income recipients.’
    • ‘Items which could reduce your tax free allowance are any untaxed interest, benefits in kind or any freelance earnings.’
    • ‘It is true that a partial excise can be shifted forward in this way, in the long run, by resources leaving, let us say, the liquor industry and shifting into other untaxed industries.’
    • ‘One idea for improvement might be to tax each bequest rather than the estate as a whole: smaller bequests would be untaxed.’
    • ‘Heath envisioned free, untaxed trade, but ignored the issue of the natural bounty, and went beyond George in seeking to eradicate the political source of governmental tyranny.’
    • ‘We call it an income tax, but it doesn't actually tax all income: The value of fringe benefits, such as health insurance and parking, goes untaxed.’
    • ‘Take the Netherlands, which long tolerated a thriving but untaxed sex trade in the Walletjes, Amsterdam's red-light district.’
    • ‘Even the author seems amazed by the extent to which the cruise lines remain unregulated, untaxed, and simply unaccountable to anyone.’
    • ‘Even federal employees earn 25 percent more in untaxed hardship pay.’
    • ‘Many gains and dividends go untaxed, because equities are owned by tax-exempt investors such as pension funds.’
    • ‘Consumption of land and natural resources remains substantially untaxed.’
    • ‘The taco shop would pass to heirs untaxed, just as the vast majority of small businesses do.’
    • ‘With corporate tax levels around 35 per cent, Microsoft effectively received an untaxed benefit of $16 billion.’
    • ‘So it is an untaxed fund, or not a taxed fund, and there is no rebate.’
    • ‘Also, actions by the state in relation to rezoning, planning permission or infrastructure should not result in significant, untaxed gains to landowners.’
    • ‘At some point the American government will have to do something about the huge amount of untaxed money leaving the country.’
    • ‘Diesel fuel for fishermen is currently untaxed in many EU countries, but even so the costs for the industry have become prohibitive with a recent spike in the price of oil.’
    • ‘But it serves no public purpose to encourage plaintiffs to regard a successful libel action, risky though the process undoubtedly is, as a road to untaxed riches.’
    • ‘The airline industry is unique in the transport sector in that it pays no VAT and its fuel remains untaxed.’
    • ‘To pay these volunteers, he levied a three percent flat income tax on those earning $800 or more, as well as a variety of sales taxes, to the point that Northerners complained that the only thing left untaxed was the air.’
  • 2(of an item that is subject to taxation) not having had the required tax paid on it.

    ‘fourteen untaxed vehicles were seized’
    • ‘About 1.5 million people in the region - mainly high earners and those who receive untaxed income - are required to submit self-assessment returns.’
    • ‘It also remained unclear what sanctions would be applied to those who ignored the government's call to declare untaxed income.’
    • ‘The system works well when income remains constant throughout the whole tax year and when there is no untaxed income from other sources.’
    • ‘This also applies to people who have not received a tax form but who have received untaxed income, chargeable gains or taxed income that has taken them into a higher rate of tax.’
    • ‘The self-employed, and those with untaxed income, will have to pay the second income tax payment on account by the end of this month or face an interest charge of 6.5% on unpaid tax.’
    • ‘An untaxed car is without insurance and MOT as both are required in order to tax a car.’
    • ‘Analysts estimate that a total of $850 billion in annual earnings in the euro zone goes untaxed.’
    • ‘Why not now contract out burglar-hunting, or install confidential lines for citizens who spot untaxed cars, unlicensed dogs or even drunks in the street?’
    • ‘A second problem is the existence of other types of economic rents that go largely untaxed, which struck the opponents of Henry George as terribly important a century ago.’
    • ‘There is no obvious rationale for subjecting these forms of gambling to taxes that can exceed 30 percent of the gross amount being wagered, while allowing the gambling of the wealthy to go untaxed.’
    • ‘It is hoped that a focus on the untaxed earnings of those at the top will bring to light one of the great untold stories of our era: The fact that those at the very top reaped huge gains in wages, while the regular folks were just getting by.’
    • ‘We have started clamping untaxed vehicles and have taken 700 abandoned and untaxed cars off the streets.’
    • ‘It also said it would put more traffic police on patrol, emphasizing the policing of unsafe, untaxed or uninsured vehicles and of unlicensed drivers.’
    • ‘The crushing demonstration gave motorists a clear warning of what will happening to their cars if they fail to get them taxed, by crushing several abandoned, untaxed cars to a fraction of their original size.’
    • ‘Anyone who drives an untaxed vehicle needs to be aware that we're always on the look-out for them and we will be repeating this operation.’
    • ‘There is a strong link between untaxed vehicles, motoring offences, anti-social behaviour and crime.’
    • ‘The project between Greenwich Council, police and the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency is targeting burned-out, vandalised and untaxed vehicles in the borough.’
    • ‘We are committed to dealing with the thorny problems of untaxed and abandoned vehicles, and by taking such positive action we will make our communities better places in which to live.’
    • ‘Residents made it clear they were fed up with the number of abandoned cars on the roads and the untaxed vehicles, which were cluttering the streets, and we decided something had to be done.’
    • ‘We tend to find that the untaxed vehicles are without insurance and tend to be pool vehicles that are used in criminal activities.’



/ˌənˈtakst/ /ˌənˈtækst/