Definition of untenanted in English:


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  • (of property) not occupied by a tenant or tenants.

    ‘the house had been untenanted for some years’
    • ‘a vast untenanted land stretched to the north of them’
    • ‘A sweep of his arm took in the untenanted buildings around us.’
    • ‘There were many untenanted farms in the area which the owners were eager to sell.’
    • ‘There was no need to set a watch, for we had nothing to fear from anybody or anything in that vast untenanted plain.’
    • ‘The flat is above the business, and was untenanted during the time covered by the bills.’
    • ‘Around the park the keepers' cottages are untenanted.’
    • ‘The trouble, they soon find, is that the land is not as untenanted as it looks.’
    • ‘In 1876 he had farmed the untenanted part of the estate which amounted to 1000 acres.’
    • ‘During these periods buildings often stay untenanted for a longer period as a wider choice becomes available to a lessor.’
    • ‘In the end, there is just the untenanted landscape, the natural universe which was there before man and will be there after man.’
    • ‘The catalyst was the 1950 land act, which required the Land Commission to pay market value for untenanted and tenant-purchased land, instead of a "fair" value as before.’



/ˌənˈtenən(t)id/ /ˌənˈtɛnən(t)ɪd/