Definition of unthaw in English:



  • Thaw or cause to thaw.

    with object ‘the warm weather helped unthaw the rail lines’
    • ‘the flower's spring blooms indicated that the ground has unthawed’
    • ‘The artillery boys are already unthawing the thick ice that has covered their guns and have jokingly told Gen. Stuart that they best not be moving for a while since the cannons are firmly frozen in place.’
    • ‘Such a movement could begin to unthaw frozen consciousness.’
    • ‘At this point, I will unthaw a deluxe bag of jumbo shrimp for you to sample as the appetizer.’
    • ‘Speaking of which, I think I'll unthaw some right now.’
    • ‘I went to get a spoon and unthawed my hand, which was aching after holding the cold tub for so long, under some nice warm water.’
    melt, unfreeze, soften, liquefy, dissolve



/ˌənˈTHô/ /ˌənˈθɔ/