Definition of unthinkability in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌTHiNGkəˈbilitē/


See unthinkable

‘In drawing on Levi's dream, the unthinkability of genocidal murder is starkly acknowledged as a human response rather than an aberrant denial or a mere lack of empathy.’
  • ‘The unthinkability of a history of Assam survived and has been reinforced in postcolonial India.’
  • ‘They haven't bemoaned their almost uniformly rock-solid dependability, or the unthinkability of audio or video connections going down once they'd been made in such systems.’
  • ‘It is not the veracity of the thought that the appeal to unthinkability seeks to establish, it is the courage of the thinker.’
  • ‘The truth-conduciveness of such reliance fails the test of unthinkability of falsehood or mistake, as well as any other Cartesian test, such as clarity and distinctness of ‘ideas.’’