Definition of unthought in English:



  • 1unthought ofNot imagined or dreamed of.

    ‘the old develop interests unthought of in earlier years’
    • ‘Let's get away from the topic of seduction and unthought of possibilities.’
    • ‘This is a poetry that leads the reader not only in and down but also, through re-sounding, across, crossing boundaries, making unthought of connections, exploring the fertile errata of translation.’
    • ‘No language is static (well you could consider Latin, but that is a true dead language), and should not be as it needs to change and expand to accommodate unthought of situations when it was first designed.’
    • ‘Naturally the availability of what we have today was unthought of and in most cases seemed impossible, but most television sets were capable of providing at least up to four basic channels.’
    • ‘For Tom, a student who is listening, this idea is a flash of inspiration, a hereto unthought of concept - a world where people work for each other and share instead of compete.’
    • ‘Topics unthought of a half century ago now get top billing.’
    • ‘On the other hand, if we bite the hand that feeds us in some unthought of way, we could be erased in a moment.’
    • ‘In the early twenty-first century, lower costs for search, coordination, and evaluation are making previously unthought-of applications feasible - just as happened with the Internet in the 1990's.’
    • ‘It suggests that there may be new and previously unthought of ways of intervening in these processes.’
    unpredicted, unforeseen, unanticipated, unimagined, unplanned, accidental, unlooked for, unsought, unexpected, not bargained for
  • 2Not formed by the process of thinking.

    ‘what remains unsaid and therefore unthought’
    • ‘Everything in the media starts from the assumption that ‘We mean well,’ and from the unspoken, indeed unthought, assumption that this claim need never be questioned.’
    • ‘According to this, there is ‘an immense unthought element’ in philosophy.’
    • ‘Neither writer is an exponent of unthought, liberal individualism.’