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‘The system of colour coding on the sidebars, repeated untidily on the spine, to designate distinctions between architecture, craft and design, may be conceptually tight but is fussily unhelpful to the reader.’
  • ‘The small fat arms that once clamped round my neck, the sturdy legs with muddy knees, are replaced with long gangling limbs that sprawl untidily, in sharp angles, across my sofa.’
  • ‘Characteristically it enjoys hanging upside down and motionless from a rough network of silken threads spun untidily in the corners of warm moist rooms, such as boiler rooms.’
  • ‘When she first started people still dressed for dinner and anyone who presented themselves at reception unshaven or untidily dressed would have been turned away.’
  • ‘Envisage, if you will, a large airy topfloor warehouse office with large stacks of boxes piled untidily in the middle.’



/ˌənˈtīdilē/ /ˌənˈtaɪdɪli/