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  • 1Not handled, used, or tasted.

    ‘Annabel pushed aside her untouched plate’
    • ‘The lack of utensils might have been why many plates went virtually untouched.’
    • ‘To add insult to injury, several supermodels left their plates untouched, a new twist on the concept of world hunger.’
    • ‘Now he sits before a half-drunk coffee, a plate of untouched biscuits and an overflowing ashtray.’
    • ‘The senior staff bolted from their chairs, leaving the waiters to clear the table of plate after plate of untouched food.’
    • ‘A quick look at the untouched plates of the others showed that I wasn't the only one who had suddenly lost my appetite.’
    • ‘After a few moments silence, Ben pushed away his plate of untouched food.’
    • ‘A young waiter walked nervously to her table and motioned to her untouched plate.’
    • ‘I looked down at my plate of untouched food, and the truth suddenly dawned on me.’
    • ‘She ate in the classical female style, leaving at least half the food on her plate untouched.’
    • ‘The two untouched cinnamon buns on her plate are a Proustian touch added by the Chicago-based founder of American Girl Place.’
    • ‘She left her untouched broccoli on the edge of her plate.’
    • ‘A plate of wilted fruit and a glass of untouched water lay on a night stand beside my bed.’
    • ‘Pushing food around on your plate will disguise the fact that something has remained untouched.’
    • ‘It may be disused fitness equipment, untouched kitchen gadgets or scores of unwanted CDs and books.’
    • ‘She only recently began sorting through her late husband's belongings, which have been left untouched at their home in Hertfordshire.’
    • ‘I had a very good feed during the 1996 elections when we basically knew we lost within the first hour and I was able to get at all the untouched party pies.’
    • ‘The collection of Egyptian antiquities, which consisted of articles that were not unique, was left untouched.’
    • ‘The United Nations had sealed the materials, and they remained untouched until the US troops arrived.’
    • ‘Dressed up with lemon and dill baskets, more poached salmon is placed in front of the main fish so that it remains untouched until half of the diners have passed along the buffet line.’
    • ‘No one seemed to worry that they were demolishing unreplaceable objects, ruining things that were best left untouched.’
    uneaten, unconsumed, undrunk
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    1. 1.1(of a subject) not treated in writing or speech; not discussed.
      ‘no detail is left untouched’
      • ‘Still, some core issues were left untouched for the December session.’
      • ‘Though this topic is not untouched, the dance-drama flows along with a different path of choreography.’
      • ‘A multitude of previously untouched social and lifestyle subjects are now reported and discussed.’
      • ‘Although the internet is a marvel when it comes to spreading information worldwide, it seems to me that some subjects are better left untouched.’
      • ‘Yet the war itself has, until recently, been a subject virtually untouched by Western historians.’
      • ‘No matter how industrious, every journalist will leave a hundred million topics untouched before he dies.’
      • ‘Later, she would voice her thoughts on other matters, topics best left untouched.’
      • ‘Yet right under our noses all along, there's been one great writer who has left barely a social issue untouched.’
      • ‘Visiting blogs and writing them has facilitated the exploration of topics which would have otherwise been left untouched.’
      • ‘The theme remains untouched, while the execution of that theme is continually refreshed.’
      • ‘The issues raised so vividly in this book remain sadly untouched by those efforts.’
      • ‘At any rate, to allow their version of events to float in the blogosphere, untouched and unanswered is to normalise it, make it an acceptable and normal kind of argument.’
  • 2Not affected, changed, or damaged in any way.

    ‘Prague was relatively untouched by the war’
    • ‘The beauty of Thai beaches is the stuff of folklore: pristine, clean and untouched.’
    • ‘It had snowed for the last few days, and the woods were buried in a perfect untouched mantle of thick fresh snow.’
    • ‘It came as something pure and good, untouched unspoilt by words, and shone over my life forever.’
    • ‘There are bunches of native European forests untouched.’
    • ‘Kerala's forests are totally untouched by artists, he adds.’
    • ‘Everything here is natural, untouched and unchanged, perhaps much as it was in Vedic times.’
    • ‘Then the ‘cocoa cycle’ begins once again, on another patch of untouched forest.’
    • ‘In general, this means leaving the unique cloud forest untouched.’
    • ‘He discovered that the fungi are smaller and about ten times less abundant in the plantations than they are in untouched forests.’
    • ‘To make your facial tissue, large areas of untouched forests may have been cut and burnt to make room for fast growing Eucalyptus plantations.’
    • ‘As far as I could see, a dark green sea of untouched forest rolled out to the whole encircling horizon.’
    • ‘Thousands of miles of unspoilt coastline, isolated and untouched lakes and pristine mountain ranges are there for the discovering.’
    • ‘This pictures, however, are possibly the last time we'll see the station in this untouched, pristine state.’
    • ‘Perhaps only those who have seen the untouched splendour of a Chola temple can truly comprehend the damage done to the temples of the north.’
    • ‘Even the greenest and purest, seemingly untouched fields were breeding grounds filled with fermenting disease and devastation.’
    • ‘Arduous and enlightening, it was a journey into Africa which will forever remain with those of us lucky enough to sample life in one of the few truly untouched corners of the world.’
    • ‘Feeling the cold now, as the wind whipped across the flat ground, I pushed on, stepping into a deep cold puddle before crossing untouched snow on a wide patch of grass.’
    • ‘Virtually untouched by the outside world, these islands have only a handful of residents.’
    • ‘Their ancient way of life is still virtually untouched by the outside world.’
    • ‘Now, this magnificent route in one of Britain's most untouched and stunningly beautiful areas has been specially prepared to welcome them.’
    unspoiled, unmarked, unblemished, untarnished, unsullied, undefiled, undamaged, unharmed, unscathed, unmarred, unpolluted
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/ˌənˈtəCHt/ /ˌənˈtətʃt/