Definition of untowardness in English:



See untoward

‘One has to wonder at the possible untowardness of the caption beneath the shooter on page 47 of the Jan / Feb 2004 issue.’
  • ‘His untowardness is the effect of environment, an effect for which ‘society’ is somehow responsible.’
  • ‘They all talked to her as though she was simply obstinate and a fool, not perceiving, as she did herself, that the untowardness of her fortune had prescribed this destiny for her.’
  • ‘All evils, as elements, are most troublesome, when out of their proper place, as impiety in professors; injustice in judges; unkindness or untowardness in a people toward their pastor.’
  • ‘I hope the personal integrity of everyone at UCLA will ensure no such untowardness unfolds.’