Definition of untracked in English:



  • 1(of land) not previously explored or traversed; without a path or tracks.

    ‘the Saxons usually hid in the untracked marshlands’
    • ‘Spain, her client since 1796, ceded her the vast, untracked territory of Louisiana.’
    • ‘But I also want to have the freedom to move into untracked country at will without the constraints of unnecessary deer fencing.’
    • ‘To their delight, the northeast ridge was untracked.’
    • ‘After passing a preliminary test run next week, the vehicles will be asked to navigate roughly 250 miles of untracked desert by themselves.’
    • ‘This is now an unending conflict, with echoes of Vietnam, fought in the untracked wasteland of the southern mountains and around the Pakistan border.’
    • ‘If you went to a grocery store in suburban Boston, you would think that reaching it required crossing flooded rivers and climbing untracked canyons.’
    • ‘In this untracked wilderness we backpack between glacier-fed streams, taking time for close observation and photography.’
    • ‘In this untracked wilderness we hike between glacier-fed streams, taking time for close observation and photography.’
    • ‘In this untracked and threatened wilderness, our group will backpack between glacier-fed rivers, taking time out for close observation and photography.’
    1. 1.1(of snow) not marked by skis, vehicles, or footprints.
      ‘experts can go heli-skiing in untracked powder’
      • ‘A casual hiker using established trails needs smaller snowshoes than a person of the same weight trailblazing untracked powder.’
      • ‘There was nobody about at New Year though and the whole trip was done in fresh untracked snow.’
      • ‘Two or three guides accompany small groups across miles and miles of untracked powder.’
      • ‘Not heroic terrain, by any means, but skiing untracked, knee-deep powder was a thrill.’
      • ‘We parked the sleds and began to hike around, which revealed a huge variety of terrain, all untracked.’
      • ‘Even beginning skiers often have the opportunity to ski through untracked snow along the well-marked way.’
      • ‘Big mountains overwhelm small differences, and our choice of gear, in the end, is inconsequential to the joy of carving untracked corn.’
      • ‘It means more untracked powder fields for adventure too.’
      • ‘Skis rule when the snow is untracked and deep, and the only power available is muscle.’
      • ‘When we started, I was worried there'd be no untracked powder; now I'm just hoping my legs will hold out.’
      • ‘Under a bluebird sky, he stood staring at 5,000 vertical feet of untracked powder, which disappeared down a steep-walled couloir that hadn't been touched all winter.’
      • ‘Our skin was like untracked snow.’
      • ‘I chose my line of untracked snow and pushed off, testing my telemark turns in the knee-deep powder.’
      • ‘I'd be skiing untracked snow until I reached the trail system at Greenbush.’
      • ‘Each pole planted into untracked powder will draw nearer that distinct backcountry moment, which turns society into the unknown and the wild into the familiar.’
      • ‘On a good day, Calonica estimates, a skier could tick off 39,000 feet of untracked descent.’
      • ‘Honeycomb Canyon offers powder hounds such a sprawling expanse that the day after a storm, you can traverse untracked snow until the lift closes.’
      • ‘But we're more than happy to spend some time exploring the acres of untracked powder in Faraya.’
      • ‘While Wolf Creek doesn't yet have great coverage, most of the mountain was open, and, if you worked for it, you could still large stashes of untracked powder.’



/ˌənˈtrakt/ /ˌənˈtrækt/


    get untracked
    • Get into one's stride or find good form, especially in sporting contexts.

      ‘Agan got untracked in the second half when he scored’
      • ‘Evening Attire never got untracked in his seasonal debut on June 11 at Belmont, when he finished sixth, 15 3/4 lengths behind Limehouse in the Brooklyn Handicap.’
      • ‘Though he could wind up with 30 home runs, he never really got untracked after having off season knee surgery.’
      • ‘Eventually, he got untracked and had his best day as a pro, carrying 30 times for 150 yards, a personal and team record.’
      • ‘He finally got untracked with a 76-yard touchdown drive, connecting on four straight passes.’
      • ‘He, meanwhile, never got untracked, in large part because of the defense.’
      • ‘For West Texas another season had gone by in which its men's team never really got untracked.’
      • ‘The popular Philly veteran was a 3-1 underdog but he never allowed Trinidad to get untracked and capped the sensational TKO victory with a knockdown in the 12 th round to take the WBA crown.’
      • ‘The more the field is stretched against a Gophers secondary that has struggled at times, the easier it will be for the freshman running back to get untracked.’
      • ‘The Cardinals did not get untracked the rest of the week, managing 12 hits and four runs while losing the next two games.’
      • ‘The team's potent running game has not been able to get untracked.’