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  • Saying or consisting of something that is false or incorrect.

    ‘companies issuing untruthful recruitment brochures’
    • ‘The defendants applied to the court to vary the order relying on the false documents and untruthful affidavits.’
    • ‘He questioned the motivation behind what he portrayed as ‘misleading and untruthful allegations’.’
    • ‘A victim said he was shocked and appalled that anyone could make such an unfounded and untruthful remark.’
    • ‘I reject that evidence as an untruthful invention.’
    • ‘The abstract element involved also reflects the fact that the test is not whether the actual confession was untruthful or inaccurate.’
    • ‘Now, the advertising brochure was untruthful because no seminar had been planned.’
    • ‘At best it was enormously misleading, and at worst it was untruthful.’
    • ‘It may be untruthful and it may be wrong, but usually, each of these things gets a little nearer the truth.’
    • ‘As an example, a Hong Kong NPC representative has condemned unnamed radio hosts for using the public airwaves to make untruthful statements that caused social instability.’
    • ‘Most politicians lie either because electors expect them to, or because they know that if they do not their opponent will lie about the same issue, and as a result of their truthfulness they will lose to an untruthful opponent.’
    • ‘The BBC's defence correspondent who is based at the coalition command centre in Qatar complained that the corporation was conveying a untruthful picture of how the war was progressing.’
    • ‘‘It's clear from the subpoena that they are looking at him and the possibility he may have given untruthful testimony to the grand jury,’ his lawyer said.’
    • ‘She is as untruthful as she is flattering.’
    • ‘‘Sir Alan has said that he doesn't believe that people have been untruthful about something that happened 20 months ago,’ he said.’
    • ‘We don't want it be used by a small number of people who may use the opportunity of public hearings under privilege to make patently untruthful allegations.’
    • ‘I wanted to target children with an advert that parents wouldn't want their kids to see, even though it's not as manipulative or untruthful as any of the thousands of adverts they let their children see.’
    • ‘He may be surrounded by ruthless war criminals and scandalously untruthful statesmen, but it's hard to believe that he wants other human beings to suffer.’
    • ‘This has led to frequent spats sometimes among themselves but usually involving media personnel, whom they accuse of being biased and untruthful in their reporting.’
    • ‘I never was knowingly untruthful with my colleagues, the grand jury, the President, the FBI, or the special counsel.’
    • ‘Such explanations of his conduct as he has given from time to time have been devious and untruthful.’
    false, untrue, fabricated, made up, invented, concocted, trumped up
    lying, mendacious, perfidious, dishonest, deceitful, deceiving, deceptive, duplicitous, dissimulating, dissembling, false, double-dealing, two-faced, Janus-faced, guileful, underhand, sneaky, disingenuous
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/ˌənˈtro͞oTHfəl/ /ˌənˈtruθfəl/