Definition of untucked in English:



  • With the edges or ends hanging loose; not tucked in.

    ‘an untucked shirt’
    • ‘So when all 60 of us were going off to university or college or to a job, we vowed that nothing would change and left blessed with the sheen of invincibility, yearbooks tucked under untucked shirts, without looking back.’
    • ‘Loose, untucked summer clothes with fewer layers in floppier fabrics both reveal and flatter.’
    • ‘I will wear a tucked in undershirt under an untucked shirt.’
    • ‘He, who wore an untucked white shirt, blue checked tie, dark trousers and black shoes, spoke only to confirm his name and age.’
    • ‘Their gray hair hangs over their collars and their untucked shirts hang over their bellies.’
    • ‘At the same time, the outside-the-waistband scabbard might be more comfortable under some circumstances, it won't hide the gun as well under an untucked shirt.’
    • ‘His shirt untucked and half-buttoned, he lightly brushes a strand of hair from Madison's face before silently descending the steep, narrow staircase.’
    • ‘He clears his Glock from its leather thumb-break scabbard under his untucked shirt, and holds the drawn pistol behind him as he goes to answer the door.’
    • ‘Enough with the untucked striped shirts and pressed Dockers.’
    • ‘His darkened eyes looked down at her from her disheveled hair, her untucked shirt, her jeans, and down to her unlaced sneakers.’
    • ‘His shirt was untucked and messy with the buttons done hastily.’
    • ‘A decade ago, the Fashion Police would have issued me a citation for being the only guy on the street with an untucked tee or polo shirt.’
    • ‘Derek came out of the bathroom a moment later dressed in black slacks and an untucked white button-up shirt.’
    • ‘Morton, 55, is the kind of CEO who shows up to work wearing faded jeans, Ray-Bans and an untucked shirt.’
    • ‘The quick, compact vigour of his service causes a wind that sends his untucked shirt halfway up his back.’
    • ‘They soap up, rinse quickly, wrap themselves in a mountain of towels and scurry back to their lockers, to the safety of untucked, dark XXL-size polo shirts and creative layering.’
    • ‘After the warning call from his parents, Jim slipped the loaded Glock G23 into a Kydex hip holster, which he covered with an untucked, extra-large T-shirt.’
    • ‘A few years ago I spent several weeks in Florida carrying a 3913 in an LFI Concealment Rig under untucked tees and polos, never once needing an outer garment.’
    • ‘Truth be told, he is an agent in name only, wearing the label as loosely as he does his untucked T-shirts and high-top sneakers.’
    • ‘He was wearing a pair of jeans and an untucked concert t-shirt.’