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  • Not having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing; unusual or uncharacteristic.

    ‘the harsh dissonances give a sound that is quite untypical of that period’
    • ‘Local wars were habitually regarded as something temporary, accidental, untypical and uncharacteristic of the modem armed warfare, and unworthy of a serious study.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that animals are also often traumatized by captivity and display bizarre behavior untypical of their kind unless treated with respect and dignity.’
    • ‘Here is one, I suspect not untypical, example of not acknowledging culture and its practitioners.’
    • ‘He was simply trying to distract from his careless and untypical error by being funny.’
    • ‘The sheer weight of the surprise may partially explain such a starkly untypical response.’
    • ‘The 22 miles I'm walking each day is not an untypical distance for a family to go and get water.’
    • ‘His speech - as much a tirade against British military incompetence and colonialism as an Anzac service prologue - was as untypical for a New Zealander at an Anzac service as it was sharp.’
    • ‘The sheer number and age range of those involved is what makes it untypical.’
    • ‘There are a number of features which are untypical of the way Danielle would express herself.’
    • ‘In this untypical but engaging sports autobiography, he portrays himself as a man of destiny, overcoming all obstacles in the way of England's Rugby World Cup victory.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We then expect a request for more information and that would not be untypical when you are dealing with projects of this size.’’
    • ‘It was only seasoned presidential watchers who detected a slightly rushed delivery, and who noticed an untypical red flush develop below the make-up line on her neck as the press conference wore on.’
    • ‘Ireland has achieved its aim of becoming, in economic and political terms at least, a fairly typical European country, untypical only in the rapid pace with which it has pursued prosperity.’
    • ‘His views are not untypical, and in my years following this sport, I cannot recall an issue that has caused such a sustained level of complaint over an extended period from senior figures.’
    • ‘Last Friday's business news was not untypical: the financial news wires now march to the constant drumbeat of corporate malfeasance.’
    • ‘Modern football is utterly absorbed by the here-and-now, so it was untypical, and poignant, to hear fans acclaim a figure from another era.’
    • ‘In the next few days I will be celebrating my two-year anniversary as manager of York City and it has certainly been a typically untypical week.’
    • ‘Martinique and Guadeloupe are untypical of the Caribbean.’
    • ‘The recent case of compensation for a traveller detained in a head-lock when trying to run for a train was extreme but not untypical.’
    • ‘He said that the queues and delays along London Road are not untypical of urban areas.’
    unusual, uncommon, atypical, untypical, non-typical, unrepresentative, rare, isolated, irregular, anomalous, deviant, deviating, divergent, wayward, aberrant, freak, freakish



/ˌənˈtipik(ə)l/ /ˌənˈtɪpɪk(ə)l/