Definition of unusually in English:


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  • 1In a way that is not habitual or common.

    ‘the name is spelled unusually’
    • ‘perhaps unusually for the time, William never remarried’
    • ‘Unusually for Ortelius, no source for this famous map is cited, suggesting that he may have compiled the information himself.’
    • ‘Unusually, it was filmed entirely on location.’
    • ‘The biggest surprise came in the acting categories, where both Penn and Johansson unusually scooped two nominations each in their respective sections.’
    • ‘Stephen can have my rare collection of unusually decorated socks, and Jude can have my Pilates book and cherished pot plant.’
    • ‘Beautifully acted and unusually written, this erotic thriller is another win for the director.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To a remarkable or unusual extent; exceptionally.
      ‘there were an unusually large number of excellent performances’
      • ‘Individual voices gave the 1990s generation of emerging British artists an unusually broad base.’
      • ‘He presented temperature data from three Arkansas experiment stations to show the unusually high temperatures.’
      • ‘We lost these perennials here in Zone 6 during an unusually bad winter.’
      • ‘The result is unusually stable forms of nitrogen that aren't readily available to the growing plants.’
      • ‘The secretary general issued an unusually strong public statement about the crisis.’



/ˌənˈyo͞oZH(o͞o)əlē/ /ˌənˈjuʒ(u)əli/