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predicative unversed in
  • Not experienced or skilled in; not knowledgeable about.

    ‘he was unversed in Washington ways’
    • ‘She felt silly and uncomfortable sat next to the silent man, but most of all she felt like a child, unversed and inexpert at speaking to adults and looked down at her hands awkwardly, trying to banish the unsettling feeling.’
    • ‘By the way, for those unversed in HSR back story, here is the origin of Trogdor.’
    • ‘I do think it's a usability issue, at least for the unversed and uninterested, for whom trackbacks could be really important and useful tools if they weren't quite so obtuse.’
    • ‘It would be a disaster for the BBC if the government handed the post of chairman to someone who was great, good, but essentially unversed.’
    • ‘If they still don't understand, then they're heathens unversed in the ways of the West and not worthy of your fine patronage.’
    • ‘Nor are they themselves unversed in these realities.’
    • ‘Many readers, especially those who concentrate on Huxley's idealism, are unversed in the author's background.’
    • ‘For those unversed in the fractions and factions of Labour local politics, here is a glossary.’
    • ‘He makes no concession to those unversed in the history, religion and culture of anything east of the West.’
    • ‘We would think it monstrous for a murderer or other criminal to be acquitted because public opinion polls showed that most people, perhaps unversed in the intricacies of criminal justice, thought he should be acquitted.’
    • ‘‘The document's ‘legalese’ can be off-putting to those unversed in such language and ‘a lot of small-business owners very seldom pull out the plan document to make sure that they've met all of its requirements,’ he says.’
    • ‘The sheer title of Chapter 28 misleads the reader unversed in the intricacies of military terminology since the term ‘deployment’ implies complete readiness of troops to accomplish combat missions assigned to them.’
    • ‘The gossips have some sense that being called ‘ladies’ is inappropriate, but assume that Sir Walter flatters them with a title they do not merit rather than that he is unversed in the class distinctions he is supposed to represent.’
    • ‘The rationale for the over-the-top mis-emphasis is clearly that the stage and auditorium are large, needing to be filled, and that the audience is liable to be unversed in Shakespearian language.’
    • ‘So, an ordinary jury person, unversed in the law relating to directions on lies, would clearly have thought that this made the Crown case a lot stronger and, in practical terms, it did.’
    • ‘As she points out, the study of graveyards is all too often relegated to school projects and they are seen by historians unversed in the use of material culture as being of a lower order than documentary sources.’
    • ‘Indeed, even those academics unversed in the culture of the small college probably will not find them particularly surprising, taken one by one.’
    • ‘We can well see that leading counsel's technique might have disappointed someone unversed in the art of cross examination but we would hold the criticisms made of it to be wholly unwarranted.’
    • ‘It could be a sobering wake-up call for someone so young and so unversed in the often treacherous ways of big business and high society.’
    • ‘With Halloween only two weeks away, even the common folks unversed in the magical arts had been coming in to buy items.’
    inexpert, unpractised, lacking experience, untrained, untutored, unschooled, unqualified, unskilled, underskilled, amateur, uninitiated