Definition of unwaxed in English:


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  • Not treated or covered with wax or a similar substance.

    ‘unwaxed lemons’
    • ‘If the skin is thin and unwaxed, you do not need to peel the skin from the cucumber.’
    • ‘Some people prefer waxed floss because it slips between the teeth more easily than unwaxed floss and is less likely to break.’
    • ‘To really enjoy a slice of this tangy, creamy tart, it's worth buying the juicy, unwaxed organic lemons.’
    • ‘Try to use unwaxed lemons if you are using the zest.’
    • ‘With a heavy cook's knife cut the lobsters in half lengthways and serve with the unwaxed, leafy lemons, fruity extra-virgin olive oil and shredded flat-leaf parsley.’
    • ‘Look for cucumbers that are unwaxed.’
    • ‘Waxed and unwaxed floss are the most common.’
    • ‘Unwaxed paper cups used with thick paper holders can be used to serve coffee.’
    • ‘The springs of the bed were squeaking tremendously, like an unwaxed door hinge.’
    • ‘I came home with a handful of organic brussels sprouts, an artisanal loaf of bread baked by a friend of mine, an unwaxed apple, and the lingering taste of a bite of vegan chocolate banana cake.’
    • ‘She later went on to Reasheath Agricultural College, Nantwich, to learn cheese-making under an inspirational teacher who greatly influenced her belief in the goodness of unpasteurised and unwaxed Cheshire cheese.’



/ˌənˈwakst/ /ˌənˈwækst/