Definition of unweighted in English:



  • 1Without a weight attached.

    ‘Linda added a mealworm grub to her bobberless, unweighted line’
    • ‘One or more ascenders hold the cavers weight while the unweighted ascender is moved up the rope.’
    • ‘Move gradually to an unweighted barbell in weeks two and three, and a weighted bar by week four.’
    • ‘The plastic anti-ice plate produces a 90-degree corner that snugs tightly against the edges of the sole, letting you initiate accurate turns on hardpack while preventing the unweighted ski from deflecting in crud.’
    • ‘Following the deep-strength caveat of careful progression, begin with unweighted, standard squats.’
    • ‘His shoulders gave out after seven reps on the military press - with an unweighted bar.’
  • 2Statistics
    (of a figure or sample) not adjusted or biased to reflect importance or value.

    ‘revisions were conducted using the unweighted sample’
    • ‘The importance value used for each species of tree was the unweighted average of the percent of relative density and the percent of relative basal area.’
    • ‘In the following tables all statistical estimates are weighted, whereas the unweighted frequencies are reported.’
    • ‘Weighted and unweighted data are available from the authors on request.’
    • ‘The aggregation of output was both distance weighted and unweighted, although the former was shown to be more realistic and is used to develop the results presented below.’
    • ‘Specifically, depending on our benchmark and whether we look at unweighted or weighted alpha, the monthly shortfall ranges from 5.6 to 16.3 basis points.’



/ˌənˈwādəd/ /ˌənˈweɪdəd/