Definition of unwomanliness in English:



See unwomanly

‘She is to be seen standing on her tub shouting with the best; and as little abashed by the unwomanliness of her ‘environment’ as are her more mischievous compeers on the political stump.’
  • ‘Sooner than such an inversion of social order, I would welcome even Turkish bondage; for surely utter ignorance is infinitely preferable to erudite unwomanliness.’
  • ‘He was touched by the simple self-respect that would not let her suffer from what was not wrong in itself, but that made her shrink from a voluntary semblance of unwomanliness.’
  • ‘‘Paul has already made them see the unfitness of the unveiled head for woman, its immodesty and unwomanliness, and now, with that impression on their minds, he asks if it is proper to pray to God in such unseemly fashion’.’
  • ‘On the contrary, creditable mention is made of the fact that she did instruct him, and that through that instruction he was made useful to the world; and all this upon the authority of inspiration, without one word of censure as to her unwomanliness.’