Definition of unwrap in English:


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transitive verbtransitive verb unwraps, transitive verb unwrapping, transitive verb unwrapped

[with object]
  • Remove the wrapping from (a package)

    ‘children excitedly unwrapping and playing with their new presents’
    • ‘She draped the cloak across a chair and began to unwrap the long package that she carried.’
    • ‘It is a memory of them unwrapping the packages on the floor and excitedly talking to one another.’
    • ‘I began to unwrap the box and as I opened the cover I glanced inside and there was nothing inside.’
    • ‘He has become a jaded cynic who unwraps large packages of cash from defending drug dealers while deluding himself he is working to protect civil liberties.’
    • ‘A human voice speaking Japanese dips above the cacophony, and someone appears to be unwrapping a small package on the right.’
    • ‘Almost reverently I unwrapped the package carefully to find a small beautifully carved wooden box.’
    • ‘Gripped by a mixture of anticipation and dread, I unwrapped the bag and opened it.’
    • ‘Jess went into her bathroom and began to unwrap a plastic cup.’
    • ‘‘There is no such thing as a typical Pubmaster pub,’ the chain-smoker says as he unwraps another packet of cigarettes.’
    • ‘Upon unwrapping the box, I discovered the very DVD player I soon planned to purchase.’
    • ‘The waiter even made a point of unwrapping a basket of grilled bread as if he were about to reveal the crown jewels.’
    • ‘Once Jason unwraps the box, she holds out her hand to take her prize.’
    • ‘Subsequently, the nest box was unwrapped and placed in its original position at the tree.’
    • ‘Once it has finished marinating and chilling, unwrap the fish and remove the coating ingredients.’
    • ‘As he unwraps his presents in the sitting room revealing his fireman's suit and helmet, Killian is like a boy on a Christmas morning.’
    • ‘We hoped she enjoyed unwrapping the presents and had a great day with her family and friends.’
    • ‘A joyful 60,000 guests welcomed back one old friend, made a new one, and watched their team unwrap some early presents.’
    • ‘An army officer from North Yorkshire is preparing to unwrap an unusual present - an operating theatre.’
    • ‘In Germany, one should always unwrap the flowers before presenting them to a hostess.’
    • ‘He then began unwrapping one of the two hamburgers on his tray.’
    unfasten, unbutton, unhook, untie, unlace



/ˌənˈrap/ /ˌənˈræp/