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  • 1(of a mass or structure) not giving way to pressure; hard or solid.

    ‘the Atlantic hurled its waves at the unyielding rocks’
    • ‘The main raw material that is a compound of polyester resin mixed with calcium carbonate is caste in silicone rubber which helps in giving it an unyielding structure.’
    • ‘It's hard, unyielding rock, 700 million to 800 million years old, left over from an ancient mountain range.’
    • ‘Viewers may be surprised to learn these seemingly unyielding shapes are in fact hollow.’
    • ‘The long season leads to unyielding pressure on players to perform at their optimum level throughout the year.’
    • ‘It is as if all that running around is a smoke-screen, a dazzling distraction to hide the hard and unyielding carapace.’
    • ‘Looking below to the hard, unyielding surface below, it is the first time I've had second thought about the whole warrior trainee thing.’
    • ‘Taking it in his hands, he examined its polished and unblemished surface: cut across the grain, it was solid and unyielding to the touch.’
    • ‘The cliffs are so solid and unyielding and yet, these beautiful, persistent plants are allowed to set their roots into that so seemingly impervious surface.’
    • ‘Cheap fake suede is hard and unyielding to your body.’
    • ‘His left side felt cold, pressing against a hard unyielding surface.’
    • ‘Acute limb compartment syndrome is a surgical emergency characterised by raised pressure in an unyielding osteofascial compartment.’
    • ‘It also helps protect your body from being injured by the unyielding hard metal and plastic surfaces on the inside of your car.’
    • ‘Glass as a material seems so hard and unyielding - the slightest bump and it's liable to shatter into tiny shards.’
    • ‘Yet, when put under pressure the apparent unyielding stiffness becomes a lovely springy curve, and it's that which puts pressure on the fish.’
    • ‘Tunnels were dug into the castle's unyielding rock.’
    • ‘You hack away with a pick-axe, rewarded only by a few flying chips from the unyielding rock.’
    • ‘Rain splashed against the unyielding rock, shattering into droplets, fragments scattering everywhere.’
    • ‘Her stiff, unyielding upper body makes it hard to color her roles with real, heartfelt emotion.’
    • ‘Who says electronic devices have to be moulded out of unyielding plastic or milled from hard metal?’
    • ‘The spine cracked as he opened it, and the paper was stiff and unyielding.’
    stiff, inflexible, unpliable, non-flexible, unbending, inelastic, firm, hard, solid, tough, tight, taut, compact, compacted, compressed, dense
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    1. 1.1(of a person or their behavior) unlikely to be swayed; resolute.
      ‘his unyielding faith’
      • ‘He was quintessentially labor, he was uncompromising in his stance for the poor and the dispossessed, and he was unyielding in his respect for the dignity of work.’
      • ‘We're absolutely unyielding, though, on the subject of our good intentions.’
      • ‘Unlike the previous confrontation, however, his men were equally unyielding.’
      • ‘On divorce, contraception, abortion and homosexuality, he was unyielding in his adherence to doctrine.’
      • ‘The dignified way in which she battled her brain tumour is a credit to her unyielding character.’
      • ‘Even with her vegetation obsession, she was unyielding and did not back down from ridicule or teasing.’
      • ‘He is unyielding in his perceptions, and his rigidity both elevates and isolates him.’
      • ‘Most famous for his swashbuckling systems and successes at Foggia more than 10 years ago, he was an unyielding believer in attack as the best form of defence.’
      • ‘It was hard to win with my father; he was an unyielding man, and a force to be reckoned with if you fell short of anything less than perfection.’
      • ‘Friends credit his survival to his positive outlook, his unyielding faith and an iron will.’
      • ‘He was a steely fellow, a man with a gentle Southern accent and an unyielding faith in discipline.’
      • ‘Katherine first started therapy as a rigid, unyielding business person, with no sense of frivolity or joy.’
      • ‘His is a story of a remarkable, unyielding spirit and uncompromisingly fierce defiance.’
      • ‘One of the golden threads that links all these great people is their unyielding commitment to do that which was right in the face of mammoth challenges.’
      • ‘A compelling leader with brilliant intelligence, he was adamant and unyielding in his mission.’
      • ‘Those who worked with Cameron found him arrogant and unyielding to pressure to alter the course he had set.’
      • ‘He is both a friend and a tough, unyielding journalist.’
      • ‘She was a tough woman of unyielding principle, standing up in protest against war, injustice and conditions of impoverishment.’
      • ‘The drive she feels to achieve, Simone says, can be traced directly to the unyielding support she has felt from her family.’
      • ‘Alas, it not only had large keys, but a stiff and unyielding action.’
      resolute, inflexible, uncompromising, unbending, unshakeable, unwavering
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/ˌənˈyēldiNG/ /ˌənˈjildɪŋ/