Definition of unyieldingly in English:



See unyielding

  • ‘They are small and unyieldingly hard, not like normal pillows at all.’
  • ‘Between August 8 and September 21, the Braves went 32-7 to take a grip on first place, but were still hard pressed to hold off the unyieldingly stubborn Giants.’
  • ‘The music was buried under layers upon layers of noise, creating an album that was unyieldingly experimental, yet eventually allowed listeners to find some brilliant melodies underneath the mess.’
  • ‘As a result, I labeled the genre to be sterile and difficult; the album's beats are very mechanical, sometimes tiresomely so, and the solemn melodies are unyieldingly complex.’
  • ‘Death, from this perspective, seems unproblematically universal, a simple, irreducible fact of our nature, unyieldingly the same across all societies and throughout time.’