Definition of up and about in English:

up and about

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  • No longer in bed (after sleep or an illness).

    ‘I expected my mom to be up and about but I guess she went to sleep.’
    • ‘At least now I'm up and about, whereas I'd still be recovering if I'd had a caesarean.’
    • ‘Quite what they were doing up and about at 8.40 am I don't know.’
    • ‘If you are serious about photography, dawn is the time to be up and about.’
    • ‘Suffering from a mild form of insomnia, I spend a lot of time up and about in the early hours before dawn.’
    • ‘There's nothing I like better, if I'm up and about in the morning, than to bury my head in a newspaper.’
    • ‘It was too soon after the injury to be up and about.’
    • ‘Styles was on the mend and anxious to be up and about.’
    • ‘By the time the sun had risen, Robert was already up and about.’
    • ‘She opened her door and, to her surprise, saw no one up and about.’