Definition of up and down in English:

up and down


  • 1Moving upward and downward.

    ‘bouncing up and down’
    • ‘We followed the trail that had been made by years of climbing up and down, me tripping along the way like I usually did and sliding on the small rocks.’
    • ‘It flew in a zigzag trajectory, up and down through the sky.’
    • ‘Right-elbow freedom allows the club to swing up and down.’
    • ‘She closed her eyes, and her chest stopped going up and down.’
    • ‘Shannon kept glancing at her watch and bouncing up and down.’
    • ‘A typical toy usually combines stationary and moving staircases; the latter moves periodically up and down.’
    • ‘A path that tottered up and down along the ridge.’
    • ‘These strings are jerked up and down and the moving flags scare the fish and drive them into the net.’
    • ‘The crowd were going wild, singing along, jumping up and down, and cheering.’
    • ‘While tiny tots jumped up and down on the bouncing castle, other children tried their hands on games such as wheel of fortune and hitting cans.’
  • 2To and fro.

    ‘pacing up and down in front of her desk’
    • ‘Before the start the pair touched hands as they paced up and down while the medal ceremony for the men's 100m took place.’
    • ‘He began pacing up and down slowly and deliberately.’
    • ‘Anny heard her in the hallway pacing up and down.’
    • ‘He paces up and down while we talk; his day is spent on the move.’
    • ‘Men stroll up and down strutting their stuff and surveying the scene.’
    • ‘Fletcher inhaled deeply and paced up and down in front of the sink and stove.’
    • ‘He often paced up and down in his study in Coyoacan talking to himself…’
    • ‘He was pacing up and down, back and forth between all the computers, anxious to find something, anything!’
    • ‘They had been running up and down, back and forth, slamming into each other, trying to get the ball.’
    • ‘He had a love affair for massive grocery stores - he'd wander up and down filling the cart with the best deals regardless of whether we ate or even liked the stuff.’
    1. 2.1as preposition To and fro along.
      ‘strolling up and down the corridor’
      • ‘We walk along the sand and up and down the corridors of the building, looking for the boy.’
      • ‘One is the traditional pattern of planting in which the tractor-drawn seeder is driven back and forth along the field, up and down every row.’
      • ‘We brought along specialists who walked up and down the runway to take readings and measurements.’
      • ‘Enzo and Cristina slipped into their own world as they strolled up and down the dock.’
      • ‘Dyer, with his electric pace, scurried up and down the right flank, often dragging three players in his wake.’
      • ‘The last ten minutes of the opening half were certainly played at a frantic pace with the ball up and down the field.’
      • ‘Lately he'd taken to pacing relentlessly up and down the hallway in their tiny, one-bedroom flat.’
      • ‘You only had to look at the coach skulking up and down the touchline throughout the second half to see that.’
      • ‘After a bunch of races, most of them won by Marin teams, it seems, there is a bit of a lull around here, so I walk up and down the row of club tents.’
      • ‘I did, I couldn't sit still, I was pacing up and down the dining room alternatively exhorting and cursing our players.’
  • 3In various places throughout.

    ‘in clubs up and down the country’
    • ‘Losing weight is one of the traditional New Year resolutions - health clubs up and down Britain will be rubbing their hands with glee as they wait for the usual January rush.’
    • ‘Catch DJ Lubi at Mas Fuego, Salsoul and various clubs up and down the UK.’
    • ‘We have guys who come along to watch youth games and pay money to travel up and down Scotland to see matches.’
    • ‘A former schoolteacher, she shadowed us throughout a two-day stint up and down and across Yellowstone National Park.’
    • ‘First there were the revelations that the council's pension fund was massively in the red, along with those of councils and businesses up and down the country.’
    • ‘Something unusual is happening in the pubs and clubs up and down the land.’
    • ‘The band made their debut at the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival and have been booked at clubs up and down the coast ever since.’
    • ‘We hope this will provide debate in the workplace, football grounds, pubs and clubs up and down the country.’
    • ‘So rang the familiar exchange which will no doubt be ringing through many homes up and down the land again this Christmas.’
    • ‘Personally I follow my home county up and down the country throughout the year, as well as being an active member of my local club.’
  • 4 informal In varying states or moods; changeable.

    • ‘my relationship with her was up and down’
    • ‘Tree were a side inspired after winning five of their first six games but a defeat on June 4 started the slide and the club have been up and down ever since.’
    • ‘Plus he's so unpredictable-his moods are up and down.’
    • ‘I'm still feeling a bit up and down, generally up though so don't worry.’
    • ‘My mood was incredibly up and down over the two days and his was too.’
    • ‘He has been up and down throughout the summer.’
    • ‘Sometimes I can be up and down in cycles throughout the same day.’
    • ‘My relationship has been up and down, but for the most part it's been good.’
    • ‘What I listen to depends on my mood, which anyone who knows me will say is very up and down.’
    • ‘But he admits his two months with the club have been up and down - particularly at home.’
    • ‘The outspoken guitarist claims his wild sibling suffers from terrible mood swings and is constantly up and down about everything in his life.’
    variable, inconstant, varying, changing, shifting, fluctuating, irregular, erratic, wavering, vacillating, inconsistent, fluid, floating, unsteady, unfixed, uneven, unstable, unsettled, turbulent, movable, mutable, chameleon-like