Definition of up for it in English:

up for it


  • Ready to take part in a particular activity.

    • ‘Nick wasn't really up for it’
    • ‘And if any of you are serious about getting a flat I am up for it!’
    • ‘I think he is totally up for it and wants to change things.’
    • ‘It's one of those places you go and you know that the people come out and they're up for it, they're very enthusiastic and have a great love of music.’
    • ‘‘I have spoken to the kids in the area and their parents and they are right up for it,’ he said.’
    • ‘There's no respite and you have to be up for it all the time.’
    • ‘They're always really up for it in Scotland, but take that into a festival environment and there's even more abandon!’
    • ‘I am all up for it, just I don't believe other blokes would be with me.’
    • ‘At 46 he was the oldest contestant but certainly proved he was up for it during the four episodes.’
    • ‘You could see quite a few westerners - out looking for bars, jumping in and out of taxis, up for it on a Friday night.’
    • ‘Sally's up for this mainly so that she can wear her short little ice-skating skirt.’
    ready, prepared, on the point of, set, all set, in a fit state, primed, disposed, likely, about