Definition of upbeat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəpˌbēt/ /ˈəpˌbit/

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  • (in music) an unaccented beat preceding an accented beat.

    ‘The song has three stanzas of six lines, carrying four stresses downbeats separated by upbeats.’
    • ‘But havoc and harmony learn to coexist, most harmoniously on ‘Circle Square Triangle’, whose guitars punch thick upbeats despite an ungainly note count.’
    • ‘There are a lot of upbeats, up in the air, which is great for dancing but really hard for an orchestra.’
    • ‘Movement is slowed with stops at percussive upbeats.’


  • Cheerful; optimistic.

    • ‘he was upbeat about the company's future’
    • ‘His speeches are upbeat and optimistic because this is the style of Michael Gove, a key Cameron adviser.’
    • ‘Hartley has every right to be upbeat and optimistic about his life at the present time.’
    • ‘Everett had used it a lot when he spoke and it sounded so optimistic and upbeat coming from him.’
    • ‘I'm not totally through the woods yet, but hopefully this more upbeat period will last.’
    • ‘Despite dramatically changing the way he lives, Chris is a positive and upbeat person.’
    • ‘As a whole, the tone is a little more optimistic and upbeat than previous efforts.’
    • ‘It is interesting that it is the big bank economists who remain loyal to more upbeat forecasts.’
    • ‘London shares ended the week in upbeat mood yesterday, helped by solid gains in oil and banking stocks.’
    • ‘The manager's upbeat mood reflects that of the people in the queue which is slowly snaking its way towards the ticket office.’
    • ‘Analysts were very upbeat when the merger was announced last year at the height of the internet bubble.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, Foot himself concludes on a much more upbeat note than this depressing tale might suggest.’
    • ‘Considering a lot of things seem to be bringing me down mentally just lately, I actually feel quite upbeat today.’
    • ‘My daughter-in-law told me he called one day and he sounded very upbeat.’
    • ‘Perhaps that explains why the chancellor still sounds so upbeat these days.’
    • ‘It is certainly telling that Wall Street on Friday was continuing to take its cue from more upbeat news.’
    • ‘McConnell was in upbeat mood as he arrived for a meeting in Stirling yesterday.’
    • ‘If the mood was upbeat it was merely a reflection of the play on the day.’
    • ‘The soundtrack consists of mostly upbeat dance numbers with a few slower selections.’
    • ‘The programme makers have promised that this new series is going to be more upbeat than the one before.’
    • ‘With the crowd on their side they belted out a series of fast, upbeat rock songs.’
    cheerful, cheery, positive, confident, hopeful, sanguine, bullish, buoyant, bright
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