Definition of upchuck in English:



  • Vomit.

    with object ‘I almost upchucked my toasted marshmallows’
    • ‘I still feel like upchucking, but I'm listening to the Katy Rose album and strangely it's making me feel better.’
    • ‘I also discovered he'd upchucked in the basement.’
    • ‘I felt someone place their hands on my shoulders and I looked behind me (in between upchucks, that is).’
    • ‘That way when your cat upchucks on it, and it will, it won't be such a disaster.’
    • ‘Its story, plus the accompanying libel lawsuit, has provided journalists everywhere with the opportunity to enrich their vocabulary with synonyms for upchucking.’
    • ‘I cover it pretty well when Rebecca's home, but when she's not, I seem to be upchucking all of the time.’
    • ‘Hunter nodded, and then said hesitantly, ‘Like I told you, he upchucked.’’
    • ‘The group of gossiping girls looked on warily, expectantly, waiting for her to upchuck all over her showy dress, but she didn't.’
    • ‘Some weeks, a washing machine would upchuck a hearty blue gunk.’
    • ‘But between now and election day, we're going to hear enough about their past deeds and misdeeds to make you upchuck.’
    be sick, spew, spew up, fetch up


mass nouninformal
  • Matter vomited from the stomach.

    ‘a stream of upchuck’
    • ‘The previous night's memorable madness in Apartment 15B rushes back to the young man along with the nauseating odor of upchuck, but he plays it cool, acting the wide-eyed innocent who doesn't have a clue.’
    • ‘Except while you are teetering on the precipice of your next upchuck, the only thing you crave is to be distracted.’
    • ‘After last night, we really didn't need to be regaled with other upchuck anecdotes.’
    • ‘Few recent films escape the upchuck, which begins quite literally with an Exorcist reprise, with Linda Blair, in this case Megan Voorhees, spewing pea soup at a couple of priests.’