Definition of upflung in English:



mainly literary
  • (especially of limbs) flung upward, especially in a gesture of helplessness or alarm.

    ‘the upflung arms of waking men shielding their eyes from the glare’
    • ‘One upflung arm, spread-fingered and beseeching, was caught among the branches of a scrubby bush.’
    • ‘At the edge of the herd, a magnificent stallion galloped, head upflung, mane streaming in the night wind.’
    • ‘She's seated, leaning backward, arms upflung to heaven, bursting with joy.’
    • ‘For example, in cold districts of Europe and the United States, gravel mixed with a large amount of rock salt is often spread on road to prevent surface freezing, and cars running on such road frequently are hit with rock salt grains or small pebbles upflung by their wheels.’



/ˈəpˌfləNG/ /ˈəpˌfləŋ/