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urban sprawl

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  • The uncontrolled expansion of urban areas.

    ‘Voice your concern about loss of wildlife habitat to new road construction, road expansion, and urban sprawl.’
    • ‘One of the last open spaces available to the many people living in the Tang Hall, Osbaldwick and Appletree Village areas will become urban sprawl.’
    • ‘They also say that urban sprawl on hillsides and in low-lying areas has been allowed to grow out of control.’
    • ‘Due to the geographical limitations of the sea on one side and mountains on the other, the urban sprawl is confined to one area.’
    • ‘According to the report, urban sprawl results in the development of areas that are strictly commercial, industrial or residential.’
    • ‘It would be a tragedy to see this special place spoiled by urban sprawl, given its natural beauty and well-preserved history.’
    • ‘Portland and Oregon led the nation in efforts to legislate and regulate an end to - or at least a slowing of - urban sprawl.’
    • ‘What it rarely does is reflect upon big-picture issues such as energy efficiency, public transit and urban sprawl.’
    • ‘They lower surrounding property value and contribute to urban sprawl as businesses relocate to farmland and open space.’
    • ‘About 1,000 square miles of the drained wetlands are used for sugarcane farming, and the rest is urban sprawl.’
    • ‘The postwar years brought a vast urban sprawl and a tangle of freeways, along with increasing ethnic and class divisions.’
    • ‘So, for example, just the other day did you a story about urban sprawl and the effect of illegal immigration on the environment.’
    • ‘Consider the problems arising from overpopulation and urban sprawl.’
    • ‘Rural homesteads beyond the tentacles of urban sprawl remain the best place to preserve traditional Amish ways.’
    • ‘Cities have overflowed into suburbs, and urban sprawl has made some idyllic suburbs a congestion nightmare.’
    • ‘In this case, the issue is urban sprawl - that's the issue we're representing here at a national level.’
    • ‘Even out in Nebraska, urban sprawl destroys cornfield after cornfield.’
    • ‘As urban sprawl continues and zoning laws are not established, more battlefields are lost each year.’
    • ‘Because of urban sprawl, it's more difficult for people to get in touch with the natural world.’
    • ‘Loss of rural farm and forestlands in the face of urban sprawl is a growing concern in the United States.’


urban sprawl

/ˈərbən sprôl/ /ˈərbən sprɔl/