Definition of urease in English:



  • A naturally occurring enzyme that hydrolyzes urea into ammonium carbonate.

    ‘This hydrolysis of urea is facilitated by the universal and abundant enzyme, urease.’
    • ‘They reduce the excessive amounts of calcium, uric acid or the enzyme urease, typically found in the urinary tracts of people with kidney stones.’
    • ‘It creates a unique micro environment by secreting an enzyme called urease which creates a local environment of alkaline or not acid so that it can withstand acid.’
    • ‘It produces an enzyme called urease, which neutralises stomach acid.’
    • ‘However, six months after the end of treatment, only three of the 15 patients had a negative urease test, indicating the infection had returned in the others.’



/ˈyo͝orēāz/ /ˈjʊrieɪz/