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  • A bowl or other receptacle, typically attached to a wall in a public restroom, into which men may urinate.

    ‘The areas here lack motorable roads, decent footpaths, public urinals and toilets.’
    • ‘He noted the example of men using urinals in public restrooms: for a period of time they are in close proximity and must expose themselves.’
    • ‘The first thing customers see is a huge lavatory bowl flanked by two urinals.’
    • ‘We have males that use public streets as urinals.’
    • ‘They never use the urinals in men's toilets - only the cubicles.’
    • ‘He ventured to ask the aid of the press to call the attention of the local authorities to the urgent need of providing public urinals in this immediate neighbourhood.’
    • ‘This would mean that individual sinks, urinals, and toilets would go out of order on a regular basis.’
    • ‘The toilets were shut for refurbishment and reopened with steel urinals and toilet seats.’
    • ‘The Men's Toilets is a small room, enough for three cubicles alongside one wall, and a row of urinals against the opposite wall.’
    • ‘From low-flow toilets to waterless urinals, technology is changing and improving water efficiency.’
    • ‘In a darkened space, seven urinals lined one wall, each lit by a focused spotlight.’
    • ‘As far as Tom could tell, there was a urinal, a toilet, and a sink counter.’
    • ‘On the wall high above us are a pair of mounted metal urinals, along with a collection of old sewing machines and TV sets.’
    • ‘Even the actual toilet cubicles featured mirroring, and the urinal was simply a spectacle to behold.’
    • ‘Many toilets now place reading matter above the urinal so that you don't even have to think about either eye contact or talking.’
    • ‘This bathroom had several urinals and a row of bathroom stalls.’
    • ‘The urinals in the restrooms have been the only peaceful places at this airport.’
    • ‘He stood at one of the two urinals in the lavatories, the one nearest the stairs.’
    • ‘Nothing contributes more to perception of unclean restrooms than an unflushed urinal.’
    • ‘I particularly remember the enormous urinal in the only restroom there at the back of the place.’
    lavatory, bathroom, facilities, urinal, privy, latrine, outhouse



/ˈyo͝orən(ə)l/ /ˈjʊrən(ə)l/


Middle English (denoting a glass container for the medical inspection of urine): via Old French from Latin urinal, from urina (see urine).