Definition of uronic acid in English:

uronic acid

Pronunciation /yo͝oˌränik ˈasəd/ /jʊˌrɑnɪk ˈæsəd/


  • Any of a class of compounds which are derived from sugars by oxidizing a —CH₂OH group to an acid group (—COOH).

    ‘Ascorbic acid is more commonly known as vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is derived from glucose via the uronic acid pathway.’
    • ‘Because differences in tolerance might relate to differences in detoxification, we also measured the excretion of uronic acids (principally glucuronic acid), the most important conjugation metabolites in mammals.’
    • ‘Readily soluble in water, these polysaccharides contain various sugar moieties, uronic acid, and less than five-percent protein by weight.’
    • ‘Since cell walls contain high concentrations of uronic acids, cations are accumulated within cell walls while mobile anions are excluded.’
    • ‘To account for one of the most important modes of detoxification in mammals, we measured uronic acid conjugates (principally glucuronic acid) in urine of woodrats from both populations.’


1920s uronic from uro-‘urine’ + -ic, with the insertion of -n-.