Definition of uroscopy in English:



historical Medicine
  • The diagnostic examination of urine by simple inspection.

    ‘His charge for uroscopy is given, along with the cost for medicines administered to those gravely ill.’
    • ‘A very popular book on uroscopy was penned by the seventh-century Byzantine physician Theophilus.’
    • ‘On the right is another schematic illustration of female diseases along with a uroscopy chart.’
    • ‘Over time, the practice of uroscopy spread into the hands of quacks and apothecaries, who prescribed and sold their potions by merely looking at the urine.’
    • ‘The above uroscopy chart is provided as a historical curiosity only.’
    • ‘As with some other medical tests that initially enjoyed great favor, uroscopy began to have more benefits attributed to it than it could deliver.’
    • ‘Once the urine examination was complete, the observations were compared with the known colours, smells and tastes recorded on a so-called uroscopy wheel.’
    • ‘There are numerous medieval treatises or tractates on uroscopy, like there are many publications on sophisticated laboratory methods of to-day.’
    • ‘By the fifteenth century the practice of uroscopy was falling into disrepute and the uroscopy flask became a symbol of ridicule.’



/yo͝oˈräskəpē/ /jʊˈrɑskəpi/