Definition of us and them (or them and us) in English:

us and them (or them and us)


  • Expressing a sense of division within a group of people.

    ‘negotiations were hampered by an “us and them” attitude between management and unions’
    • ‘It immediately removes the sense of us and them, the bunker-like mentality which so often exists.’
    • ‘He misled the trust board, his management style was perceived as ‘autocratic,’ and he was part of the ‘club culture which fostered a sense of them and us.’’
    • ‘I'd tried so hard to unite us as a family and felt this was destroyed within an instant - it was us and them and they liked it that way.’
    • ‘‘In this campaign, we welcome people of faith: America is not us and them,’ he said.’
    • ‘Patriotism is just a name, a word dividing people, us and them.’
    • ‘It comes down to perceptions of us and them: hound and fox, north and south, haves and have nots, rural rights and rural wrongs, country and town.’
    • ‘If you can establish a correct working relationship, then it isn't a case of us and them.’
    • ‘In the 1995 debate on capital-gains tax cuts he said, ‘This week defines the difference between them and us.’’
    • ‘Perhaps it will always be them and us: players, managers and fans versus the ref, but for a change we hear the ref's perspective, thick of skin but quick of thought.’
    • ‘But society has moved on, and to some extent the church has moved on, and we are now living in a pluralist society where it's not just them and us.’