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(also useable)
  • Able or fit to be used.

    ‘usable information’
    • ‘Despite its age, the Dakota's airframe is in excellent condition and the useable parts of its engines have been sent to America for overhaul.’
    • ‘There are no usable service huts along the route and you must carry a tent along.’
    • ‘Joel noted that the ship's computers did not seem to be in a useable condition.’
    • ‘It can be quite easy to store data in an unstructured way, but then it's still just raw data, and not necessarily useable information.’
    • ‘After more of the same, I realise that I am not going to get any useable information.’
    • ‘Experts were able to assemble the parts to make a useable weapon, the court heard.’
    • ‘The project will investigate the technological, psychological and design aspects of what makes a useable and useful wireless service.’
    • ‘In some ways it was a strangely unproductive night, I only got six or seven photos out of the two and a bit hours of work, but thankfully all of them should be useable by the charity.’
    • ‘The success provides encouragement that useable stem cells can be found in sources other than the human embryo, which remains controversial.’
    • ‘Can the applicant be expected to know in advance what the benefits of his research will be, or if there will be a useable product?’
    • ‘Our total useable on-shore wind resource is estimated at 300 billion kilo-watt hours per year.’
    • ‘Making the space into something useable is a huge job.’
    • ‘Therefore this would only be useable in an industry that uses cash during its main form of transaction.’
    • ‘It results in missing hospital appointments or being late for appointments because there are no useable parking spaces.’
    • ‘They are also useable in contemporary public life in four distinct ways.’
    • ‘There are going to be some awful times in the next few years, and some of them will be useable by an intelligent opposition.’
    • ‘The green areas of the estate will also be redesigned with a view to making them more attractive and more useable.’
    • ‘But that's not how it seems to people who have been without a useable telephone for several days.’
    • ‘I also bought a modern Welsh-English dictionary, far more useable than my old one.’
    • ‘But what does it say about a world in which so much useable stuff is thrown away?’
    available for use, utilizable, disposable, at someone's disposal, ready for use, fit for use
    negotiable, passable, navigable
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/ˈyo͞ozəb(ə)l/ /ˈjuzəb(ə)l/