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  • 1A person who uses or operates something, especially a computer or other machine.

    ‘the user should press return and a message will be displayed’
    • ‘To operate the card a user would need to press a button on the card's surface and provide a password.’
    • ‘These functions also operate independently providing the user with complete control.’
    • ‘The phone user will then press a single button to put them through to an operator who can connect them with the number they want to dial.’
    • ‘It will sport a trio of TV tuners enabling users to record three programmes simultaneously.’
    • ‘In the late eighties, most personal computer users had a dot matrix impact printer.’
    • ‘Irish computer users have so far escaped the latest virus spreading over the internet.’
    • ‘The boxes also makes it harder for people to overlook cash machine users and makes it easier to shield pin numbers.’
    • ‘Most of all, Templeton said, computer users needed to be aware of the perils.’
    • ‘Residents, park users and schools want that new centre, perhaps even more than Mrs Bain does.’
    • ‘Residents and users of the day centre in Browns Road have had lessons on their own computers and set up the web pages.’
    • ‘Police today warned cash machine users to be alert after two men were spotted tampering with a dispenser.’
    • ‘The future of the rural economy and the wishes of the users of the record office have both been ignored.’
    • ‘Road users and residents say they are fed up with the constant gridlock and traffic mayhem.’
    • ‘The user dials a telephone number from their mobile, and using caller ID, the system works out who is calling.’
    • ‘We have carried out a lot of focus groups with bus users and car users.’
    • ‘The group wants users or potential users of the car park to come forward with more ideas.’
    • ‘The mobile operators are also treading uncertain ground where business users are concerned.’
    • ‘And presumably it's only going to have a major effect on long-term users of the drug.’
    • ‘That seems to be interesting for some car users but is troublesome for most of us.’
    • ‘A rear end of the lever is externally accessible to allow manipulation by the user.’
    1. 1.1A person who takes illegal drugs; a drug user.
      ‘a heroin user’
      • ‘the drug causes long-term brain damage in users’
      • ‘Also, using cannabis does not mean that you are on the slippery slope to becoming a heroin user or future drug pusher.’
      • ‘Drug users, abusers and addicts are now considered to be in the ultra high risk group.’
      • ‘Does quitting cigarette smoking help or hurt the polydrug user in treatment for drug use?’
      • ‘This saved time and money would allow them to track down the users of harder drugs, such as heroin and cocaine.’
      • ‘In each case, the drug user had been injecting heroin into subcutaneous tissue.’
      • ‘A drug user who admitted heroin dealing to fund his habit has been jailed for five years.’
      • ‘The vast majority of drug users are recreational, and there are so many of them that they are a majority.’
      • ‘Illegal drug users who overdose will no longer be reported automatically to police by ambulance staff.’
      • ‘In one study, even heroin users rated cigarettes as their most needed drug.’
      • ‘Nothing is that simple, and you cannot put all drug users into one big group.’
      • ‘A couple of day's later the columnist's topic for the week was that of the drug user.’
      • ‘The individual who is initially a voluntary user can become a compulsive drug user, an addict.’
      • ‘Most of the heroin users were criminals who committed crimes before they ever used drugs.’
      • ‘He said she was a heroin user and although she was managing to reduce her drug use through her own efforts, addiction was not an easy thing to beat.’
      • ‘I don't blame the users but the drug pushers who are so eager to get people hooked on heroin.’
      • ‘The Department of Health has set up an advisory group to look at the most effective treatment for heroin users.’
      • ‘How does legality and availability determine the likelihood of a casual user becoming an addict?’
      • ‘During that raid a large number of drug users were arrested, but the manager was not one of them.’
      • ‘His parents, young at the time of his birth, were believed to be drug and alcohol users.’
      • ‘It's no coincidence that there is a higher rate of drug users in these areas.’
      abuser, user
    2. 1.2A person who manipulates others for personal gain.
      ‘he was a gifted user of other people’
      • ‘After adding a few not so nice adjectives she also accused me of being a manipulative user.’
      exploiter, puller of strings, user, manoeuvrer, conniver, intriguer, puppet master, puppeteer, wheeler-dealer
  • 2Law
    The continued use or enjoyment of a right.

    ‘any oral permission given within the prescription period would negative user as of right’
    • ‘Malice tips the balance towards finding the defendant's user unreasonable.’
    • ‘There is only one period (not a short and a long period) and that requires user for a period of 20 years.’
    • ‘My instinctive reaction to the suggestion that an implied licence could not be sufficient to defeat a claim of user as of right was to wonder why ever not.’
    • ‘Counsel was instructed and advised that a single change of user from military to civilian would not amount to a material change of use.’
    • ‘Each was entitled to exercise their respective rights, subject to the requirement of reasonable user.’
    • ‘But the issue of user was not capable of the same precise treatment.’
    • ‘It was pointed out on their behalf that the evidence of user on foot came essentially from people who either worked for or on the estate or for a tenant farmer.’
    • ‘In the latter situation, the acquiescence could not constitute permission and was only consistent with user as of right.’
    • ‘Reconciliation has to be achieved by compromise, and the basis for adjustment is reasonable user.’
    • ‘An existing use simply exists, by virtue of long user or the implementation of some past planning permission.’
    • ‘The object of the Act, or one of its objects, was to simplify proof of dedication which was presumed upon proof of user.’
    • ‘I agree that the Court is endowed with a great power of imagination for the purpose of supporting ancient user.’
    • ‘I adopt Lord Goff's reasoning, as he applied it to natural user, to the issue of reasonable use of land.’
    • ‘The submissions of both lawyers emphasised the relevance of wider user clauses.’
    • ‘Judges and juries were generous in making the required inference on the basis of evidence of long user.’
    • ‘He must establish a common intention as to some definite and particular user.’
    • ‘Not a shred of evidence was directed specifically to public user of the route.’
    • ‘In other words it is dealing entirely with the provision of facilities and not with user.’
    • ‘So if the point is well made I have to look at user without having regard to user by motor vehicles.’
    • ‘Therefore it was held that the user by parking could not have been user as of right.’



/ˈyo͞ozər/ /ˈjuzər/