Definition of user journey in English:

user journey


  • A person's experience during one session of using a website or application, consisting of the series of actions performed to achieve a particular goal.

    ‘web designers are increasingly focused on optimizing the user journey for mobile users’
    • ‘We begin a project by sitting down with the client and working out a rough scope, usually based on our personas and user journeys.’
    • ‘Through effective cross-channel tracking of the complete user journey, advertisers can really understand where the customer has come from.’
    • ‘Jones advises companies to consider the user journey through the site, and how to map out what this journey is likely to look like.’
    • ‘The seminar will explore how the concept is being extended beyond the website to include a more holistic end-to-end view of the user journey.’
    • ‘They discuss the latest developments in user journey tracking and web analytics.’