Definition of ustad in English:



  • An expert or highly skilled person, especially a musician.

    ‘Ustad Zakir Hussain’
    ‘he has interviewed ustads of various trades’
    • ‘The daughters are sent to be trained by an ustad and not having an ustad entails loss of prestige.’
    • ‘After the concert, the ustad watched happily as a few students, who were unlettered street urchins till recently, drew rudraveenas and wrote a paragraph about it each.’
    • ‘She reveals that she once attempted to learn the harmonium and singing in her college days from an ustad, but soon gave up.’
    • ‘I had read enough Indian book reviews to know that reviewers are ustads with blades sharpened on a cruelly efficient whetstone.’
    • ‘It is an honour to have the ustad with us.’


From Urdu ustād.