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‘He described it as a proprietary right and the rights of the individual members of the clan or group were the possessory or usufructuary rights.’
  • ‘It was emphasised by him that the usufructuary rights that were referred to, which may not have been proprietary in character, nonetheless, depended wholly on the community title.’
  • ‘‘Owner’ includes a lessee, a usufructuary or any other person having a beneficial interest in the land.’’
  • ‘The occupying State shall be regarded only as administrator and usufructuary of public buildings, real estate, forests, and agricultural estates belonging to the hostile State, and situated in the occupied country.’
  • ‘Arguably, the country could be viewed as an occupant choosing not to exercise its usufructuary right.’



/ˌyo͞ozəˈfrək(t)SHəˌwerē/ /ˌjuzəˈfrək(t)ʃəˌwɛri/ /ˌyo͞osəˈfrək(t)SHəˌwerē/ /ˌjusəˈfrək(t)ʃəˌwɛri/