Definition of utilizable in English:



(also British utilisable)

See utilize

‘The BBC's unequalled wealth of audio resources present directly and easily utilisable products for mobile operators.’
  • ‘Minister Smith said the area of land under organic production in Ireland is about 30,000 hectares, just under 1% of the total utilisable agricultural area.’
  • ‘With exercise, stores of carbohydrates in muscles and the liver are used rapidly, and carbohydrates are necessary to maintain level of these body stores of readily utilizable fuel.’
  • ‘Thus, it becomes apparent that groundwater makes up the majority of the world's utilizable freshwater resources, 95 per cent or more by volume.’
  • ‘The concerns of the local people at this juncture are almost invariably directed towards loss of utilisable resources and amenity.’



/ˌyo͞od(ə)lˈīzəb(ə)l/ /ˌjud(ə)lˈaɪzəb(ə)l/