Definition of uxorial in English:


Pronunciation /əkˈzôrēəl/ /əkˈzɔriəl/ /əkˈsôrēəl/ /əkˈsɔriəl/


  • Relating to a wife.

    ‘she was typecast in uxorial roles’
    • ‘The women's auxiliaries articulated an uxorial identity for their members and stressed the importance of well-managed homes with competent wives at the helm.’
    • ‘Wormholes, the first of my uxorial collaborations, is a game of starship tactics.’
    • ‘While she never seems to have shied away from revealing every detail about her sex life, on this subject she remains studiously tight-lipped, only hinting about her own uxorial conflicts.’
    • ‘Her disdain for the uxorial role is well-known.’
    • ‘They are both archetypes of uxorial love and devotion.’


Early 19th century from Latin uxor ‘wife’+ -ial.