Definition of V2V in English:



  • ‘wireless V2V systems can warn drivers of approaching vehicles’
    • ‘The lifesaving benefits of V2V communications are within reach.’
    • ‘Research indicates that safety applications using V2V technology can address a large majority of crashes involving two or more motor vehicles.’
    • ‘The agencies have approved V2V communication systems that regulators say will increase safety, reduce accidents and pave the way for connected cars.’
    • ‘V2V communication can enable the highest level of vehicle automation, by giving a car complete awareness of its environment.’
    • ‘It was estimated that implementing V2V technology across the full national vehicle fleet could save 780 to 1,080 lives each year.’
    • ‘The luxury brand announced that it's launching its own V2V tech right now.’
    • ‘The US government is pushing for mandatory V2V communications.’
    • ‘The reasons offered to justify the new V2V system are transparent lies.’
    • ‘It boils down to a mandate for automakers to fit V2V tech in new vehicles.’
    • ‘V2V crash avoidance technology has game-changing potential to significantly reduce the number of crashes, injuries and deaths on our nation's roads.’


  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication or technology.

    ‘V2V is already making its way into new cars’
    • ‘A car equipped with V2V will sense traffic up ahead and automatically hit the brakes if you're about to get into a collision.’
    • ‘The trade group said V2V has the potential to save thousands of lives.’
    • ‘V2V would run over wireless networks using a variant of the standard used for Wi-Fi.’
    • ‘Many of V2V's potential features are already becoming common in new cars.’
    • ‘The US Department of Transportation is pushing automakers to adopt V2V within the next few years.’
    • ‘V2V would let cars do some of the work of driving or even accomplish things humans can't.’
    • ‘The mandate called for half of new vehicles to have V2V within two years.’
    • ‘German automakers have launched a pilot program that combines V2V with vehicle-to-infrastructure technology, allowing cars to communicate with each other and with traffic lights.’
    • ‘The more vehicles equipped with V2V, the more collisions that could be avoided.’
    • ‘The government is taking another step forward on a plan that within three years could mandate V2V in new cars.’