Definition of vacuum-pack in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Seal (a product) in packaging after any air has been removed so that the packaging is tight and firm.

    ‘it is quickly vacuum-packed in foil pouches to ensure freshness’
    • ‘I breed and sell the animals and I also sell frozen, vacuum-packed meat on the farm.’
    • ‘She stocked up on great glass jars with screw tops and loaded a supermarket trolley with every long-life, freeze-dried, vacuum-packed item of food she could lay her frenzied hands on.’
    • ‘They kill a cow in Argentina, vacuum-pack the beef and fly it to Glasgow, where the chefs slice a steak to your specifications.’
    • ‘Do not buy ready-made, vacuum-packed polenta if you have any self-respect at all.’
    • ‘The product, which has been withdrawn, comes vacuum-packed and is labelled on the plastic pack as Booths Smoked Mackerel.’
    • ‘Faced with growing demand for low-priced gourmet meals, restaurants are rediscovering a 30-year-old food-preservation process by which portions are cooked in plastic bags, vacuum-packed for later reheating.’
    • ‘The carcasses are jointed by a local butcher before the meat is returned to the island, vacuum-packed.’
    • ‘A Seattle-based company supplies and processes most of Lovejoy's fish; it vacuum-packs six-ounce frozen fillets for natural-food stores.’
    • ‘My friend vacuum-packs and freezes stews and pastas, then later heats the foods right in the plastic bags in boiling water.’
    • ‘You'll need vacuum-packed smoked salmon available from most supermarkets, a potato, a tub of cream cheese and a tub of plain yoghurt, a lime, chives, butter and olive oil.’
    • ‘The first 100 people to arrive will receive T-shirts, vacuum-packed into the shape of a car.’
    • ‘It is then thawed, gutted and filleted and smoked over oak wood and finally vacuum-packed.’
    • ‘Beans from every incoming bag undergo a taste test before being launched into the giant conveyor system that transforms them into vacuum-packed products ready for consumption.’
    • ‘A great selection of victuals, wine and bread is stylishly presented, but most notable is the vacuum-packed meat from the family's own farm in Aberdeenshire.’
    • ‘As a result, wet-aging, whereby a butcher keeps vacuum-packed beef in a fridge for two weeks, is much more common.’
    • ‘He will not eat during the swim but will take glucose-based energy drinks in vacuum-packed containers.’
    • ‘You can buy vacuum-packed reindeer meat, and they've got over 50 varieties of tinned fish.’
    • ‘Divide lamb, herbs and butter into three vacuum-packed bags.’
    • ‘Divide halibut fillets, olive oil and thyme between six vacuum-packed bags.’
    • ‘The season is just about to start, and so there are only a precious few of last season's dark, vacuum-packed treasures left.’



/ˈvakˌyo͞omˌpak/ /ˈvækˌjumˌpæk/