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vacuum brake

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  • A railroad-vehicle brake operated by changes in pressure in a continuous pipe that is generally kept exhausted of air by a pump and controls similar brakes throughout the train.

    ‘It may be admitted that with the increase in speeds and loads, few railways now use the vacuum brake.’
    • ‘Johanns was thoroughly burnt but managed to stop the train by using a vacuum brake.’
    • ‘The manifold is sealed with a spin-welded end cap (which also serves as a mounting bracket for the vacuum brake booster).’
    • ‘Electric brakes are most common, although vacuum brakes are seen on large commercial trailers.’
    • ‘It is the longest car train ever out of East London and will use an airbrake system instead of the normal vacuum brakes.’


vacuum brake

/ˈvakˌyo͞om brāk/ /ˈvækˌjum breɪk/