Definition of vacuum distillation in English:

vacuum distillation


  • Distillation of a liquid under reduced pressure, enabling it to boil at a lower temperature than normal.

    ‘All of the liquid amines were purified by vacuum distillation just before use.’
    • ‘We also purify the glycerol by vacuum distillation.’
    • ‘One method, particularly common in Germany, is a process of vacuum distillation, whereby wine, at extremely low pressures at normal room temperatures, is separated into various fractions in a tall column.’
    • ‘Samples were kept frozen until the extraction of xylem water by cryogenic vacuum distillation from stem samples.’
    • ‘Undecylenic acid is produced commercially by the vacuum distillation of castor bean oil.’


vacuum distillation

/ˈvaky(əw)əm/ /ˈvækj(əw)əm/ /ˈvakˌyo͞om ˌdistəˈlāSHən/ /ˈvækˌjum ˌdɪstəˈleɪʃən/