Definition of vacuum extraction in English:

vacuum extraction


  • The application of reduced pressure to extract something, particularly to assist childbirth or as a method of abortion, or as a technique for removing components of a chemical mixture.

    ‘Assisted vaginal delivery comprised both forceps deliveries and vacuum extraction.’
    • ‘These early measurements of arterial oxygen saturation were made by vacuum extraction of the blood gases.’
    • ‘Ten of the vaginal deliveries were by forceps and 19 by vacuum extraction.’
    • ‘While vacuum extraction has risks, it remains a safe alternative to using forceps.’
    • ‘Forceps delivery became less common, but vacuum extraction consistently increased in number.’


vacuum extraction

/ˈvakyəm ikˌstrakSHən/ /ˈvækjəm ɪkˌstrækʃən/ /ˈvakyəm ekˌstrakSHən/ /ˈvækjəm ɛkˌstrækʃən/