Definition of vagotonia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌväɡəˈtōnēə/ /ˌvɑɡəˈtoʊniə/


  • The condition in which there is increased influence of the parasympathetic nervous system and increased excitability of the vagus nerve, producing bradycardia and faintness.

    ‘Atrial pacing might stabilize respiration by preventing this nocturnal vagotonia.’
    • ‘When vagotonia becomes stronger, even morbid phenomena will appear, which is shown in experiments on animals.’
    • ‘Undue muscle tension causes bodily deformity, and vagotonia results in the production of such conditions as chilblains, asthma, intestinal trouble, etc.’
    • ‘Considering her underlying vagotonia it is not surprising that a reaction occurred in a hospital setting with ample exposure to needles and other stressful circumstances.’
    • ‘If the problem is vagotonia instead, there are different therapeutic approaches.’