Definition of valeric acid in English:

valeric acid


another term for pentanoic acid
‘The products were analyzed for their total valeric acid content to determine if they possessed the type and amount of valerian stated on the label.’
  • ‘Independent testing laboratories generally use valeric acid content as a marker for pharmacologic activity and represent one source for reliable information to support product choice.’
  • ‘The proportions of isobutyric and valeric acid tended to increase when zinc was added to the diet.’
  • ‘Extraction of valeric acid was significantly enhanced by the presence of a carboxylic acid in the toluene extractant, or the aqueous feed, or both.’
  • ‘Valeric acid may accumulate static charge by flow or agitation.’


valeric acid

/vəˌlerik ˈasəd/ /vəˌlɛrɪk ˈæsəd/ /vəˌlirik ˈasəd/ /vəˌlɪrɪk ˈæsəd/


Mid 19th century valeric from valerian+ -ic.