Definition of valet parking in English:

valet parking

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  • A service provided at a restaurant, club, or airport whereby an attendant parks and retrieves patrons' vehicles.

    ‘In the past, several of the clubs had valet parking and car washing services.’
    • ‘Other guest services include a 24-hour concierge, butler service, valet parking, one-hour pressing and much more.’
    • ‘We've got nothing against bellboys, valet parking and turndown service.’
    • ‘Other amenities may include room service, concierge services, valet parking and fitness centers.’
    • ‘A valet parking attendant was signaling with his penlight.’
    • ‘Thinking quickly, I aimed for hotels with valet parking services or expensive car parks with fewer cars.’
    • ‘Traders can park here and also organise valet parking for customers.’
    • ‘It has plenty of free and valet parking except on Friday and Saturday nights when it seems as if almost everybody in the San Gabriel Valley is there partying, eating, drinking margaritas and listening to mariachi music.’
    • ‘Park in one of the parking garages, on some of the side streets or avail yourself of the valet parking offered on the street in front of several of the restaurants and businesses and then walk to any place in Old Town.’
    • ‘Upon arrival at the parking lot, I was informed that the only available parking was valet parking.’
    • ‘You get LA-style valet parking at the entrance where hanging vines and creepers tumble over the whitewashed walls, and you enter to find a lush oasis that's more The Ivy than India.’
    • ‘At $7,990, the package includes champagne, spa treatments or golf, a picnic lunch, and valet parking.’
    • ‘The Delta isn't for those looking for the high life - if you want martini bars and valet parking, you'll be disappointed.’
    • ‘There's no valet parking at the Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages on San Diego's Pacific Beach.’
    • ‘My husband commented on the valet parking at the hospital, but this proved to be a nice benefit, especially after surgery.’
    • ‘The restaurant's parking lot was so crowded that Ryan opted for the valet parking.’
    • ‘Ask anyone who lives here what the best thing about LA is and the answer is invariably valet parking.’
    • ‘He also appears to have his valet parking stub in his breast pocket.’
    • ‘Because of the hotel's location, only limited valet parking will be on offer and must be reserved by guests when they book their room.’
    • ‘Mom loves the free valet parking and she motions for me to get out.’